Throughout a decade of devoted service, the AAWV has taken great pride in enlightening veterans and their families about the Aid and Attendance pension plan, a hugely significant part of the lives of thousands of American households. The plan was created to provide assistance for those who fought for their country by allocating them additional funds to help cover any medical issues they might have later in life. For those who are 65 and older and who were members of the military the Aid and Attendance pension can make a great amount of difference. It stands apart from the compensation benefit plan, through which those who were wounded in combat are assisted in paying for the result. Rather, the Aid and Attendance pension plan was put in place to help soldiers who have become disabled or beset with medical issues in the years following their service. The Department of Veteran Affairs is committed to standing by all of those brave soldiers who served their country with distinction, and we at AAWV are happy to support their efforts.

What is the Aid and Attendance Pension Program?

Basically, the Aid and Attendance pension was instituted to make sure that seniors who formerly served in the military would not have to bear the burden of their medical bills alone. It strives to assist those veterans who are disabled or in some way held back, not due to their military service but to natural factors. Under the Aid an Attendance benefit plan those who qualify will be granted monthly aid as follows:

Benefits of the Program

  • Veterans without dependents are granted $20,800 a year, or around $1,730 dollars every month.
  • Those with dependents can expect a n increase in support of approximately $4,000 more every year.
  • The DVA also strives to help the widows of veterans who have unfortunately passed away. Through the Aid and Attendance pension plan, many former military wives can count on more than $1,110 per month, or just about $13,360 a year.

This is the kind of money that can truly alter a life or provide a great amount of relief, and the DVA couldn’t be more proud to offer it to so many deserving people.

Restrictions to the Aid and Attendance Program

  • To qualify for the Aid and Attendance benefit plan, you must be over 65 years of age or be completely disabled.
  • Only those who served as a member of the active military for no less than 90 consecutive days qualify.
  • Those who received dishonorable discharges are not offered this benefit.
  • Those who require regular care are more likely to receive aid.

We Are Here to Help

However, there is no way to know your eligibility for sure outside of attempting to sign up . If you are a good candidate for the Aid and Attendance pension plan it can be a significant aid, so if you believe that you could be an appropriate candidate, call the Department of Veterans Affairs for confirmation. However, before you do you may want to become educated as to the exact nature of the plan though the use of AAWV resources before such an attempt is made. In the end, both institutions truly do want what is best for all veterans.

We at the AAWV have been so happy to assist tens of thousands of families in receiving the benefits of the Aid and Attendance pension plan. We fully realize what a difference just a bit of help can make. So if you or a family member formerly served their country with distinction contact AAWV today to make that first step. You won’t regret it. We provide every interested party with fantastic educational tools, including our intensive seminars an. We have also maintained a diverse range of resource materials relating to this plan for the purpose of assisting those who feel it could make a real difference in their lives. So if you feel you’re entitled to aid don’t wait a second longer. Contact AAWV and make sure you get the support you’ve earned.