Peter Levesque receives NCOA WWII Medal from David Levesque, Jr.

Peter A. Levesque was a veteran of World War II. He is pictured below with his bride of 63 years, Natalie, and other members of his family as he celebrates his 100th  birthday.

Peter, a Sergeant during WWI with the 296th Combat Engineers and completing his basic training in the “hot Mississippi” sun at Camp Shelby. When deployed, the 296th was destined for the beaches of Normandy. He fought with his fellow soldiers throughout the European theater including Northern France, the Ardennes, the Rhineland, Battle of the Bulge, Central Europe and right on into Germany. As a memento of his service to our country, he has a piece of one of Adolf Hitler’s desks. Peter says he is very proud of this, but is also a little disappointed; he actually wanted a piece of Adolf himself, but had to settle for the desk! Peters birthday cake states  ”100 years of Excellence”.  AAWV Professional Member, Duane Levesque says: “This man is My Inspiration, My Hero, My Dad”.

In May 2013, an NCOA medallion for Peters service was presented to him by his grandson SSgt  David Levesque Jr. (pictured above)  David entered our Air Force for active service on Sept. the 11th 2007 and has since been deployed twice in support of Operations Endearing Freedom, Iraqi Freedom as well as the mission of Horn of Africa. This is one of the last photos of Peter, taken just 6 days before he passed away, Peter was 101 years old. He leaves behind his beloved Wife and Family that love him and miss him every day.