Isadore Poma

Our featured approved Veteran this issue is Isadore Poma, who served during the Korean Conflict Era in the Army CPL(T). He was a supply specialist at Camp Carson Colorado and worked in the warehouse where they outfitted the ‘General Honor Guard.” He also served at Sasebo Naval Port in Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan, the main launching point for the United Nations and U.S. Forces at the time.

Born in Detroit in 1929, he attended trade school and began working on the production line at Ford Motor Company at 17. In 1951 he was in active service through 1953, followed by four years in the reserves. His career spanned 30 years as a Millwright back at Ford.

“Izzy is one of those people you meet that stays with you the rest of your life,” says AAWV’s Founder. “It was an hour’s drive from Jackson, Michigan to our offices for that first meeting. He was a proud man and did not want any kind of a handout. We had to convince him that this was an entitlement that he deserved because of his service to our country.”

William Poma, Isadore’s son wrote us a heartfelt note after the approval notification. “I wish you could have seen the look on his face when I gave him his first check on November 11th, Veterans Day! I still don’t think he believes me that it will come every month. I’m sure God will bless you for the wonderful work you do. This will make a big difference for Dad to be able to “live” his life now, rather than just make ends meet.”

He’s content with care his dad receives and says his dad’s quality life would not be possible if not for “Aid and Attendance and the wonderful things AAWV has done. (Before) we were completely consumed and needed professional help.”

William also tells us that his dad keeps the approval notice by his chair to show company! Thanks for the great endorsement, Izzy!