Pension Recipient William “Bill” Colella “His Story”

Born in Detroit, the youngest of five children, William “Bill” Colella was drafted into the Army at eighteen during World War II. After basic training in Illinois and spending some time in California and Washington State camps, he was shipped overseas where he served in the Medical Corp at the Fourth Hospital in the Philippines, helping nurses care for injured servicemen.

Bill was eventually transferred to the Military Police. With his own jeep he was able to drive around the base checking up on any trouble brewing. Although things usually were on the up and up, sometimes the servicemen got creative. Bill had to keep the enlisted men out of the nurse’s quarters and caught some men making moonshine. Once he helped two government men catch thieves stealing, of all things, hospital beds!

Of all the hardships that military life brings, Bill’s main complaint was the long chow lines. To this day, he doesn’t like going to buffet-style restaurants because he put in enough time waiting for his food in the Army.

In 1946 Bill was discharged and returned home, not only to his grateful family, but to his sweetheart, Jennie. It was just a year later they were married and started their own family. They now have four children, twelve grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. This war story has a very happy ending because Bill and Jennie recently celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary.