December 2, 2011

Our family was faced with a big crisis when Mom had a bad fall and was no longer able to drive. Dad had not been able to drive for many years due to failing vision. No family members lived nearby, so Mom and Dad were really on their own.

We had looked at assisted living several times before this crisis, but money was always the big issue. Mom and Dad could pay for a part of the fees, but they would soon run through their own resources. Then they would be dependent on their children, not something they wanted at all.

Dad is a veteran (army), World War II. When we learned there was a pension benefit for war time veterans, we did some research. The amount of money available, on a monthly basis, would make it possible for Mom and Dad to have all the support of assisted living, close to where they lived all their lives. That was something our family could not afford to pass on.

Yes, there was paper work. But Jeff and the AAWV organization were a tremendous help. Jeff provided support and guidance every step of the way. Because we followed the steps as they were outlined, there were really no delays in getting the benefit approved for Mom and Dad.

I was the family member elected to do the paperwork. I can tell you I was very nervous about the responsibility. By nature I am a cautious and conservative person, so I was careful about taking my family down this path. I did feel trust and confidence in Jeff and the AAWV. Every step of the process was well-explained. I felt I could call any time and get answers and support.

When the monthly checks started coming in, the relief I felt was tremendous. With this added resource, Mom and Dad will not have to move again in the near future. And this resource has greatly reduced the chance that they will outlive their resources. Thank you Jeff; thank you AAWV!

Family (Sheffield Manor, Dyer)

November 5,2011

“I am writing in reference to the American Association for Wartime Veterans (AAWV) and at the urging of families they have helped. I am the residence director at a Michigan Assisted Living Facility and without their help, I would not have been able to reach a census of 100% occupancy. AAWV is a valued member of our team and has always gone that extra mile to assist residents with getting their VA Benefits.

AAWV is both professional and very knowledgeable. I have called them several times with questions and they have always been accessible with an answer. They deserve a great deal of credit for bringing my census to where it is today. They are always available to meet families and answer all their questions and concerns with care and compassion. The AAWV seminars have been informative and well attended.

I have been approached by several family members who have gotten emotional because without AAWV’s help, their family member would not be able to afford assisted living. They have made many families very happy and they rest easy knowing that their loved one is in a place where they are safe and well cared for.”

March 6, 2011

“On behalf of my father-in-law, I want to thank you for referring us to the American Association For Wartime Veterans (AAWV). They helped us immensely in obtaining veterans benefits for my father-in-law which helps us pay for his care.

We had a very complicated case and it took months to get anywhere with his application. Your team was instrumental in getting his benefits approved and processed. They worked many long hours and guided us through the bureaucratic maze. We would not have been able to get through it without AAWV.

We had never heard of this wonderful organization until the community mentioned it to us. Without your help, we would not be getting the support, attention and care that he requires and deserves in this stage of his life. I can’t tell you how much comfort that brings to our family.”

September 9, 2010

“The process of qualifying and maintaining the improved pension benefit from the VA is extremely difficult for the layman. AAWV took the time with me to explain in detail how everything should go. I know they are very busy, but always take time to answer my questions quickly. Customer service is an area where the staff at the American Association for Wartime Veterans stands out among most of the business people that I deal with. I am a retired manager at United Parcel Service, where I provided efficiency and good customer service. I learned the importance of quickly answering both my email and telephone messages. Consequently, I guess I expect the same courtesy from business professionals I deal with. Your staff has provided excellent service over and over again.”