The History of Aid and Attendance Assistance

During the 1st half of sixteenth century, the Pilgrims fought with the Pequot Indians in a battle. Soldiers who got wounded were taken care of by their colony which was in accordance to the law made by Pilgrims. Approximately one hundred and fifty years later, under the new congress, a pension plan was established for veterans. Soldiers wounded during the war were provided with medical care from their individual states. In the year eighteen eleven, first veteran medical hospital was established by Federal Government. The benefits were also expanded to both windows and those dependent of the veterans.

Veterans federal benefits grew but became less organized. After the world war1, all the federal benefits were consolidated into the Veterans Administration in Michigan. The original bill was drafted by American Legions in nineteen forty four and was signed into law by President Roosevelt.

United States Congress

Legislation under Title 38 which authorizes veteran’s benefits was passed by the United States Congress in the year nineteen fifty two, this change of law created a department of Veteran Aid Assistance and Affairs. Title 38 is normally funded annually by the U.S Congress since it is a mandated law. This benefit increases every year depending on the adjustment index of the cost of living among the citizens. In the year two thousand and six, the cost benefit increases by 4.1 percent, in the year two thousand and seven, an increase of 3 percent was registered and finally in the year two thousand and eight, a massive increase of 4.2 percent was recorded. However there was little or no increase at all in the years two thousand and nine and twenty ten.

Two classes of veteran’s benefits have been put in place, this are:

  • Pension for death or disability to non-related service
  • Compensation for death or disability to related service

Non-Service Pension Disability is a program that was put in place to provide pension. They are direct compensation given to injuries that are not related to active involvement of military service. Aid and Attendance is the main component connected to the Non- Service Disability Pension.

Service Connected Disability is a program that was initiated to cater for the welfare of the veterans who have died or suffered injuries during military service. The compensation normally depends on the percentage amount of total disability and is determined by the administration of the veterans in Michigan.

Eligibility to Veteran Pension

Survivors and Veterans who are eligible for pension and need the Aid and Attendance of another person can be eligible to receive a monetary payment. This will be given as an addition to Veteran monthly pension. Veterans and their spouse are credited to a numbers of benefits:

1 Health care benefits

2 State veterans Nursing Homes

3 Burial benefits

4 Compensation and Special Benefits

5 Long term Care Benefits

6 Appealing an adverse Decision

Aid and Attendance is a benefit given to veteran s or their spouses if the veteran died, however, this benefit is paid with some eligibility to a basic pension. The benefit is often for applicants who need financial aid.