What Type of Senior Living Communities Qualify for Veteran’s Aid and Attendance Related Benefits?

Senior living communities are all slightly different, but you may need to find a community that will qualify you for aid and attendance benefits in Michigan. The community you choose must meet all the guidelines of the VA, and you must choose a community that you are comfortable with. Choosing a place for your parents to live can be stressful, but you must look over the places in the area that will allow for a release of aid and attendance benefits.

#1: Contact The VA

You must contact the VA for a list of communities that will qualify for the aid you need. Check the list as you choose the senior living community you like, and avoid all communities that are not on the VA list. The list you receive is not exhaustive, but you will have a good place to start your search.

#2: Ask The VA Questions

You must question the VA when you believe you have found a community that meets their guidelines. You may have found a place for your parent or loved one to live that meets the VA guidelines, and the guidelines may change to meet your personal needs. The VA does accept petitions when you want to send an elderly loved on to a new senior living community, and your petition may be accepted.

#3: What Services Are Offered?

You must check the list of services offered by the senior living community you choose. Each and every service offered by the community should help your elderly loved ones remain more active, and you will find a second life for your parents or grandparents. Activities should include art, exercise, crafts and community functions that help to create a fulfilling life for your elderly loved ones. Consider the sort of activities they will enjoy, and choose a community that offers those activities.

#4: Is Insurance Accepted?

The benefits that you receive when your elderly loved ones are enrolled in a senior living community may not cover all costs. You must select a senior living community in Michigan that accepts your insurance. Insurance payments will help cover the costs of a senior care, and you will not be left with a large bill to pay every month.

Your elderly loved ones will enjoy living in a new senior living community, but the costs will not skyrocket when they are enrolled. The combination of insurance and benefits will help pay for the services offered, and you will not be left to wonder how you will pay for it.

Selecting the right place to enroll your elderly loved ones in a senior living community is a very important part of the transition to senior life. Your parents or grandparents want to live in a place that makes them feel comfortable, and you will find many different locations where your loved ones will feel safe and comfortable. Contact the VA for assistance with benefits, and ensure your parents or grandparents that their benefits will come through when the time comes.

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