Which Veterans Are Not Yet Eligible for Aid and Attendance Benefits and Why

Aid and attendance benefits are available to all veterans who have left active-duty military service, and you must consult with the VA in Michigan on your benefits. This article explains how you may work with the VA to get the benefits you are due. You are due benefits related to your previous military service, but you must work with an advocate who understands the benefits process at the VA.

#1: Collect All Your Paperwork

The military produces quite a lot of paperwork when you are in the service, and that paperwork details what you did while you were on active duty. You must present the paperwork at the VA when you are looking for benefits, and you must collect all the paperwork you can for your advocate. Advocates know the rules, and someone with an understanding of the rules can quickly help you get in touch with the right people at the VA in Michigan.

#2: Improving Your Benefits

Improving your benefits is a concern of nearly every veteran, and you may be entitled to more benefits than you are receiving. You must work with an advocate who will help you research your benefits, and you will find that there is more for you to receive on a monthly basis. Working with your advocate helps you find out what you should receive every month, and you have a better chance of convincing the VA to change your benefits.

#3: Regular Services At The VA

Regular services at the VA include counter service you may receive when you need to speak to someone. Visiting the VA facility is often a better idea that waiting to hear from someone, and you may take an advocate with you to all your appointments. The doctors and medical staff at the VA are not privy to your benefit status, but you may speak with someone when you go for your next appointment.

#4: Submitting The Right Forms

An advocate knows which forms must be submitted for your benefits to go through, and an advocate will help you complete the forms correctly. You could slow the benefits process by several weeks if even one form is filled out incorrectly, but the advocate will check your documents to ensure their accuracy. You must submit benefits applications to the VA as soon as possible, and you must use an advocate who will ensure the application is done right.

You are eligible for aid and attendance benefits through the VA, but you must apply for your benefits through the proper channels. An advocate will assist you in the application process, and you will begin receiving benefits much sooner after speaking to an advocate. The VA is overworked with veterans cases, and you must get to the head of the line with a bit of wisdom and common sense. Your application and appointments can be handled by someone who understands the process, and your advocate will help you get the benefits that are rightly yours. You deserve to be rewarded for your military service, and your benefits are right around the corner.

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