After a decade of committed service, the AAWV proudly continues to educate veterans and their loved ones about the benefits of the Veteran’s Aid and Attendance pension plan, created by the Department of Veteran Affairs to give aid to former soldiers whose health had fallen into decline late in life. Those who are 65 and older and were actively involved in the military have much to gain from the Veteran’s Aid and Attendance pension plan. Though similar in its intent, the compensation benefit plan, which grants soldiers who were wounded in battle funs to pay for related medical treatments, is entirely different. In comparison, the Veteran’s Aid and Attendance pension plan was created to help soldiers combat problems they developed after the completion of their work with the military. The Department of Veteran Affairs is devoted to the support of every soldier who served with distinction, and we at AAWV are very pleased to have the opportunity to support their efforts.

What is the Veteran’s Aid and Attendance Pension Program?

Essentially, the Veteran’s Aid and Attendance pension plan was created to assist retired military personnel with their medical payments. It operates on the notion that just because a former soldier leaves the military that they absolutely should not and do not lose the support of their former institution. The plan works to assist those who are disabled or in poor health due not to their experience in the military but simply due to the ravages of aging. Under the Veteran’s Aid an Attendance benefit plan those who meet the following qualifications can assume that they will receive the listed level of support:

Benefits of the Program

  • Veterans who have no dependents are given $20,800 a year, or around $1,730 dollars every month.
  • Those who do care for dependents of any kind can expect a n increase in support of approximately $4,000 more every year.
  • The DVA also offers aid to military widows through the Veteran’s Aid and Attendance pension plan, allowing many former military wives to supplement their income with an additional $1,110 per month, or just about $13,360 a year.

Restrictions to the Veteran’s Aid and Attendance Program

  • To qualify for the Aid and Attendance benefit plan, you must be a senior or dramatically disabled.
  • If you served for less than 90 consecutive days you are not eligible.
  • If you received a dishonorable discharge the military will not offer their assistance on this front.
  • Those who require regularly scheduled care are more likely to be granted aid.

We Are Here to Help

Regardless of your history and your current reality the only way to know whether or not you are eligible for sure is to attempt to claim a stake in the aforementioned plan. If you believe that you are deserving of a portion of the funds allocated for the Veteran’s Aid and Attendance pension then you owe it to yourself to contact AAWV. We’ll educate you fully as to the precise nature of the plan and the criteria you must meet to be truly eligible for it. Armed with the knowledge we are more than happy to provide your path to aid will be much more succinct and direct.

We’ve taught tens of thousands of families about the benefits of the Veteran’s Aid and Attendance pension plan, and we cannot emphasize its importance enough. We know what a difference a little help can make. So if you’re a veteran in poor health and you’re unable to carry that financial burden alone call AAWV to learn about the plan and what steps you can take to attempt to claim it. We present every interested individual with a range of great educational resources, including highly detailed seminars. We have also maintained a varied and highly accurate range of resource materials relating to the Veteran’s Aid and Attendance pension plan. Come to us for your education, and once you’re satisfied that you do in fact qualify and that you fully understand the ins and outs of the process, contact the Department of Veteran Affairs and change your life forever.