Over the course of a decade of committed service, the AAWV has taught countless former servicemen about the Veteran’s Aid and Attendance plan, created by the Department of Veteran Affairs to give a helping hand to those former soldiers who might be forced to endure medical issues as a result of their advancing age. Basically, if you’re 65 or older and served in the military the Veteran’s Aid and Attendance plan can make a significant amount of difference in your life. It differs from the similar “compensation benefit plan,” which assists those who were wounded in combat with their related medical issues. In contrast, the Veteran’s Aid and Attendance plan was instituted to assist former soldiers who have become developed medical issues since the conclusion of their service. The Department of Veteran Affairs is devoted to supporting every committed former soldier who fought for their country with distinction, and we at AAWV are glad t have the opportunity to aid their efforts.

What is the Veteran’s Aid and Attendance Program?

Essentially, the Veteran’s Aid and Attendance plan was drafted to grant veterans some funds which could potentially assist them in the paying of their medical bills. It endeavors to help all of those former soldiers who, since the completion of their service, have found themselves in worsening medical condition. As a result of the Veteran’s Aid and Attendance plan those who meet the criteria will be allocated various amounts of monthly aid:

Benefits of the Program

  • Veterans with no dependents are given $20,800 a year, or approx. $1,730 dollars a month.
  • Those with dependents are guaranteed an increase in support of around $4,000 more per year.
  • The DVA also works to assist the widows of veterans who have regrettably passed away. Through the Aid and Attendance pension plan, many former military wives can rely on more than $1,110 per month, or about $13,360 every year.

This is the kind of money that can truly alter a life or provide a great amount of relief, and the DVA couldn’t be more proud to offer it to so many deserving people.

Restrictions to the Veteran’s Aid and Attendance Program

  • You must be over 65 years of age or be completely disabled to qualify for the Veteran’s Aid and Attendance plan.
  • You must have been registered as a member of the active military for approximately three months.
  • Those who were given dishonorable discharges are not qualified.
  • If you need regular medical care you are significantly more likely to be granted aid.

We Are Here to Help

In the end, the only way to discover your chances eligibility for sure outside of attempting is to purse the plan itself . If you stand as a fitting candidate for the Veteran’s Aid and Attendance plan it can be a deeply beneficial aid, and as such if you feel you stand any chance of receiving it you should certainly take strides towards that goal as soon as possible. A great way to start is to become better educated concerning the exact nature of the plan with the use of AAWV resources. In the end, just remember that both the AAWV and the DVA really do want what is best for every honorable veterans.

At the AAWV we’ve spent the past ten years assisting thousands of families as to the nature of the Veteran’s Aid and Attendance plan. We understand what an important difference just a bit of support can make to a life in need. If you feel you’re entitled to aid then you should by all means purse the opportunity by taping into the knowledge offered by AAWV. If you do, we guarantee that you will not regret your decision. We offer every impeccable educational tools, including our exhaustive seminars. We have at our disposal many immensely valuable resource materials detailing the exact nature of the Veteran’s Aid and Attendance plan just waiting for you to discover their valuable content. If you feel you need or deserve aid don’t delay. Call AAWV and ensure that you will get the support your service warranted.